About SEMS Technologies Software Solutions

For the first time, municipalities and the water industry have a truly affordable technology tool to assist them in their day to day operation, compliance, asset management, and administrative responsibilities, regardless of their size.

SEMS Technologies, LLC is the recognized industry leader with more than 25,000 drinking and waste water services utilizing our Emergency and Environmental Compliance Management software. Since the beginning SEMS has been focused on technology that makes government regulation less burdensome and easier to complete, at a reasonable cost. The executive management team has a combined total of over 35 years of experience automating regulatory initiatives. Much of this has involved interacting and collaborating with different levels of government agencies to further public private partnerships.

SEMS Security

The Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002 forced the water utility industry via a Federal mandate to look at itself in an entirely different perspective, focusing on its vulnerability and emergency response preparedness. SEMS has helped more than 25,000 utilities meet that requirement by using our easy-to-use software tool to produce both an Emergency Response Plan and Vulnerability Assessment. Since then, SEMS has updated the software to be NIMS and RAMCAP compliant with the same comprehensive, but simple, procedure.


For a free copy of SEMS, and the ability to produce both an Emergency Response Plan and Vulnerability Assessment, click the button below. For proper instructions and tips on installation, consider visiting our FAQ.

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SEMS Technologies carries a full line of management products to give you the flexibility you need. Additional features can be tailored to meet your system’s unique needs.