Monthly Webinar Training

Monthly Webinar Training

SEMS Technologies is offering monthly one-hour webinars on a variety of industry topics. Anyone may sign-up to participate in individual monthly sessions for $129 each, or you can purchase an annual subscription for 12 webinars at $795. SEMS Software Premium subscribers are entitled to special discounted rates ($99 per individual session; $595 for an annual subscription). This represents more than 60% savings over the individual webinar pricing, and if you must miss one or more live sessions, we post streaming recordings of each webinar on our website so you can view and listen to the webinar session at your convenience. We also include supplemental training materials that can be downloaded from our webinar archive.

Annual subscribers to the webinar series will be given user ids and passwords for staff within their organization to access the information posted on the website. Send us an e-mail if you either want to participate in individual webinar sessions or sign up for the annual webinar subscription. We will then generate the appropriate invoices and add you to the list for notification and sign-on instructions for the webinars. Information about the topics covered in each webinar are list below. If you want to purchase one session before committing to the annual subscription, we will credit the $129/$99 payment towards the annual subscription fee.

If you have any questions, or want more information, please call 678.845.0243 and ask for Eric. If you prefer email, please contact Eric at

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Attention Webinar Subscribers:

We are steadily getting pre-approval for Continuing Education credits!

Subscribers will automatically be sent certificates of attendance if they attend a monthly webinar for at least 50 minutes. We are steadily seeking pre-approval status for additional states. We are currently approved for the following states for our March 2019 Webinar:
– California
– West Virginia
– Georgia
– New Jersey
– Indiana

States currently in application process:
– Washington
– Maine

If you are not a subscriber, but are interested in attending a webinar, please let me know. I can set you up with an annual subscription, or you can simply purchase one monthly webinar at a time. See the top of the page for pricing. You can talk to me during business hours by calling 678.845.0243 or if you prefer to email, send that my way too!

Last Updated: December 26th, 2018

Webinar Topics:

2018:  January 26th @ 1:00 PM EST (confirmed)
2019:  Tuesday, January 29th @ 1:30 PM EST (confirmed)
  • Asset Information 101: An explanation of all those fields in Asset Information
  • SEMS Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Preparation: Getting your MCLs, Health Effects and other items ready
2018:  February 23rd @ 1:00 PM EST (confirmed)
2019:  Wednesday, February 27th @ 1:30 PM EST (confirmed)
  • Service Scheduling 101: The basics of Preventative Maintenance setup in SEMS
  • SEMS CCR Setup: Configuring the data tables and filling out the report
2018:  Rescheduled to April 6th (due to Good Friday) @ 1:00 PM EST (confirmed)
2019:  Thursday, March 28th @ 1:30 PM EST (confirmed)
  • Advanced Asset Management: Flow Meter Entries, Simple Asset Worksheet, Hydrant Flushing
  • Troubleshooting Your CCR: Best practices when it comes to correcting sample summaries, MCLs, etc.
April 27th @ 1:00 PM EST (CONFIRMED!)
  • Cross-Connection 101: How to setup SEMS Cross-Connection Control from the ground-up. The basics you need to know!
  • Simple Sample Setup for SEMS: How to setup samples from the ground-up
June 1st @ 1:00 PM EST (rescheduled due to Memorial Day Weekend)(CONFIRMED!)
  • Customizing Cross-Connection Correspondence: Learn how to use mail-merge and other tips to personalize your notification letters, surveys, and testing forms
  • Inventory 101: This handy intro to parts & inventory will be the primer you need to self-implement inventory in SEMS!
June 29th @ 1:00 PM EST (confirmed)
  • (NEW!) Parts Packages: Tune-in for this in-depth walkthrough covering a brand new “part” of SEMS, which can simplify your WO part adjustments!
  • Custom Benchsheets for Samples: Covers how to setup custom benchsheets for data-entry. If you don’t have Lab Connect to import your sample results, this is the next-best thing!
July 27th @ 1:00 PM EST (confirmed)
  • Simplifying SEMS Security (RAMCAP/ERP): Join us and learn how to use the Risk Assessment & Emergency Response Plan within the SEMS Security module
  • Detailing Definable Reports (Data Layers): Create your own compliance or production reports in SEMS by first understanding how to set Data Layers
August 24th @ 1:00 PM EST (one week earlier due to Labor Day)
  • [SEMS Mobile] How to set Auto-Dispatch for WOs & Service Schedules: Why hit the “Dispatch” button in SEMS when SEMS can take care of that for you!
  • Detailing Definable Reports (Report Setup): Take what you’ve learned in July and use those Data Layers to setup your own custom report
Thursday, September 20th @ 1:00 PM EST (confirmed)
  • An Eventful Calendar: How to set single & recurring events to your calendar for reminders, on-call schedules, etc.
  • The Convincing C.I.P.: Learn how to setup & use the Capital Improvement Plan for asset management in SEMS. Numbers never lie!
Friday, October 26th @ 1:00 PM EST (CONFIRMED!)
  • Customer Service Calls: Learn how to configure, then use, SEMS to track the customers service calls that you receive! As a bonus, we’ll also detail how to dispatch these customer-service orders to SEMS Mobile devices. This topic will take the majority of the webinar’s hour.
  • SEMS’ Compliance Calendar: Learn some of the shortcuts inherent to the SEMS Calendar and how to effectively use it to monitor sample collection.
Tuesday, November 27th @ 1:30 PM EST (CONFIRMED)
  • Inventory Lock-out: Learn how to use this newly-developed feature to lock all inventory records and prices up to a user-defined date.
  • SEMS User Permissions: A look at how to restrict access to certain areas within SEMS by implementing username/password sign-ins
Monday, December 17th @ 1:30 PM EST (CONFIRMED) (1 week earlier than usual due to the holidays!)
  • Work Orders 101: By popular demand! We’ll look at how to create work orders and their variations.
  • Sampling 101: By popular demand! Learn how to create samples & sample schedules.

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